Nature photography has become an extension of what I feel, do, and live and in the meantime, somehow a healthy lifestyle. Through this, I discovered that the 5 a.m. in the morning or even early is the best time in which you can see the nature coming back to life, and the so-called effort is offering you a lot of contentment and teachings. The time I spend into nature is a feeling about everything that surrounds me and it’s not focused on capturing the perfect technical photo, but capturing a unique moment of the subject I see and the feeling that awakens me. The beauty of a meeting with a chamois on the mountains ridges, the apparent fragility of some cotton bark on the edge of the lake, the immenseness of the mountains bathed in the sunset, are just a few from all the small moments of this whole that fascinate me every day. I chose to take and to create photos, because, according to Andreas Feininger, “the photographer is a creator”. I believe that through photography every human can become more aware of the environmental issues, can be more interested and learn about the residents from the heart of the forest, and can discover something in himself/herself: the return to nature.
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