Daniel Mîrlea is a professional nature and wildlife photographer based in Romania. In recent years, he has collaborated with multiple NGOs on various conservation projects, closely partnering with organizations such as WWF Romania, Rewilding Europe, and Conservation Carpathia. His most cherished projects are the Bison Reintroduction in Bison Hillock, Southern Carpathians (for Rewilding Europe), as well as the project titled "Forest of Immortal Stories" (for Conservation Carpathia), where he documented one of Europe's most spectacular and ancient beech trees.
In 2021, he started the "Vâlcea Naturala" project, a photographic documentation endeavor covering the entire Vâlcea County from a natural perspective. The primary objective of this project is to raise awareness about the abundant biodiversity found in the region. The idea for this initiative emerged during the pandemic when Daniel returned to his hometown, Râmnicu Valcea, from Cluj-Napoca. Struck by the incredible diversity of the natural world, which remained largely unknown to most people despite being just a few steps from their home, he was inspired to share the beauty and richness of the area, ultimately seeking to protect its natural wealth for future generations.
In addition to his photography pursuits, Daniel is the Vice-president of FORONA (Romanian Nature Photographers Association) and proudly serves as an Ambassador at Nature First Photography.

Daniel's photographic work has been awarded in prestigious natural photo contests, including the Natural Landscape Photography Awards, Asferico, Memorial Maria Luisa, International Photographer of the Year, BioPhoto Contest, and Milvus Photocontest.
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